Behind The Lens

Hi, my name is Tory Robins

My experience as a professional photographer spans back to 2013, although I’ve been in love with cameras my entire life! Technology is my niche’ and I’m so grateful that you’ve decided to allow me the opportunity to share my gift with you!

 Originally from Florida, I now reside in South Carolina; where my career as a photographer has provided me plenty of laughs, tears, and of course, smiles.

 When I first began to pursue photography as more than a hobby, every ounce of knowledge that I had was self-taught. Many may see that as a disadvantage, but my mindset was headed in a slightly different direction. Yes, it was very challenging at times, but the advantage of being self-taught is that you have the privilege of learning YOUR way!

 After honing my craft within the self-taught realm, I developed the desire to add a degree onto my resume’ in order to acquire every bit of knowledge that was available within the classroom setting.

 My passion for photography is birthed from my passion to see others smile. I love the idea of others being happy which motivates me to consistently find ways to deliver, not only a great photo shoot, but also a great experience and capture every worthy moment. Even though, we may do it often, no smile is the same as the last. Love the moment, keep the memory with Robi-T Photography.